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        PE awning fabrics feature excellent mildew resistance, flame retardancy, 100% water resistance, better water resistance than other awning fabrics, good low flexibility, high intensity, strong tension, and relatively light weight.


        Functions: 1. it can be applied to various livestock farm roller shutters, piggery, cattle farms, chicken farms, etc.; 2. it can be used for covering stacked substances of open storages in stations, wharfs, harbors and airports; 3. it can be used for constructing temporary granaries and covering various crops in the open air; 4. it can be used as materials for constructing temporary work sheds and temporary warehouses on construction sites, electric power construction sites and other various construction sites; 5. it can be used as freight awning fabrics for automobiles, trains, steamships and cargo ships; 6. it can be used for packing machines by packaging machinery, etc.