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        Haining Hanjet Plastic Co., Ltd. specializes in processing and production of PE awning fabrics, PVC coated fabrics as well as PVC composite fabric materials and their finished products. The products are widely applied to different fields of buildings, vehicles, sunshade, warehousing, advertising, sports & leisure apparatuses, recreation facilities, etc., and feature high intensity, good water resistance, long service life, attractive appearance and other excellent physical and chemical properties. The company is equipped with a complete set of material production line and complete finished product processing and production equipment, and utilizes scientific process formulas and processes to provide new/old customers with the best products and comprehensive services through a strict raw material and finished product inspection control system in combination with a professional marketing team in the employment objective of “strive to become a main force of plastic awning fabric manufacturing industry in the whole world”. Meanwhile, the products are sold all over China and exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, America and even the whole world relying on stable product quality.

        The company is located in Haining City, Zhejiang Province, which is known as an important strategic city with good reputations of “China Warp Knitting Famous City”, “China Textile Industry Base” and “Holy Land for Tidal Bore Watching”, 100km away from Shanghai to the east, 60km away from Hangzhou to the west, close to Qiantang River to the south, 50km away from Suzhou of Jiangsu Province to the north, several expressways crossing the whole area, enjoying convenient transportation. In the service tenet of “Credible, Quality, Comprehensively, Timely”, the company is willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign friends for common development!